About Us


Strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in affordability quality product and on time service.

With our knowledge of industries and latest technology trends we are able to cover defined end-to-end processes starting from core systems up to specific applications.

1Q offering reflects know-how and best practices from various market segments. This approach is helping us to better understand our customers’ needs and deliver new solutions in accordance with the latest trends and technologies development in each given industry.

We transfer proven know-how and best practices from one vertical to another and combine them in creating new innovative solutions.



Our mission is to continually develop our service to meet and exceed customer expectations and contribute to the success of the company through the provision of timely, consistently high quality and professional support at every customer contact.

Service excellence is our mission, maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our customers. We strive to not only meet our commitments and client expectations but to exceed them on every level and deliver exceptional value.


To be an outstanding global services company and create an excellent service comprised of happy customers, employees and partners.

We are always seeking new generation and more innovative technologies and solutions in order to always exceed our customer needs.

Your security is our number 1 priority.


We achieve Service Excellence through:
  • Offering a variety of contact methods to suit our customer needs, including telephone, email, self-service and in person
  • Delivering a proactive, knowledgeable and reliable service at first point of contact, offering advice and support for centrally provided professional services
  • Supporting and developing our staff to ensure we deliver an excellent quality service
  • To understand the needs of our customers
  • Taking positive action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Continually developing and improving our services and processes